So what do I do?

I've thinking a lot of this this year, I had so much problems that I don't know what to do.... I've decide quitting a lot of things...things that I love, but then I think about'em and the I realized that "those things" are the one that keep me going. Is just..that I have so much pressure/stress on me, that I don't know what to think...probably I need to talk to someone and cry I don't know. Anyways, I decide quitting "Dansou/Tomboy" stuff....but then there's people who encourage me to keep going on it. Then, is there when I find my purpose and motivations; friends. Another thing I want to do is loss weight, but I'am so stupid I can't, I will try hardly, and I would commit myself to do it!!! I need to, not for the appearance, is for my own good. 
Anyways, I'm pretty surprised that April has gone (almost) by. Exited because of May!!! Well, to be honest not to much. In May, I have to do a lot of stuff. May 12 - 18 are my finals in school, May 3 is the Iron Man movie, which I want to see....but Maria doesn't let me (:w:); May 26th I have Jury, and finally I go on May 30th, but for some reason, I think is not going to happen. I mean, my cousin is going to get the car for us...but I don't think we are going....I hopefully we do. My sister want's to go really be (so do I) and my mom. I want to because I want to change my routine from work to school. Well, I think that's it.. I finally go to clear my mind through this.

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