Waa, so many thing had happen in this days!!! First of all Merry X-Mas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines, Happy Irish Day and all that follows. Anyways, I've being busy with work, school and homework! I'd had a such important project due on April 7th about SWT (Salem Witch Trials) and I barely finished. Ummm, Oh yeah! I went to to PTV concert (Pierce The Veil) and I took pictures with Mike and Vick, it was awesome, the sad thing is that I couldn't took any pictures with Jaime </3 so HERE is the picture.
This year is so awesome, because I got to see exist trace in Dallas, Texas on May!!! Waa I'm so exited!!! and I get to go with one of my best friend Bere!!! So is going to be awesome I can't wait to see'em. Anyways, I got to meet a really cute guy at a restaurant and he's Asian!!! Hahaha...ok so I let a picture of exist trace, here, please (however is reading this) wish me luck!!

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your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!