Boring Days!

Well hello there!!
So, I finally decide to write in here! GOOD!! Well, these days have being, "WEIRD" I work too much, so I don't have time for any of my friends!!!
Today I saw some friends, very close friends, and of course that make me happy, but at the same time make me sad, because I knew I would never see'em again, and because of their "problems". I don't know how to help'em, so I think it would be better if I let them do what they want, BUT, hopefully the day that they're doing "bad things" ends ASAP! And of course, they know that I would be there for them!
I don't know if I give up NOW, or I keep fighting??! </3 "broke heart sign"
So yeah... and i guess that's it??!~
Finally I know how to move this thing!!! n________n 
BTW!! I couldn't find and image that have to do with my entry, and i found this, and yeah I LOVE IT!!

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